Recycled Plastic
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Giving plastics a second…third…and even fourth life

Mauser Packaging Solutions is there to help you take “going green” to the next level by recycling your used packaging after it has reached the end of its useful life. We can even help you calculate carbon footprint savings for the packaging you reuse and recycle through us.

Mauser Packaging Solutions recycles thousands of tons of steel every year and millions of pounds of HDPE, saving valuable raw materials and protecting our environment.

Our HDPE recycling facilities in North America produce recycled HDPE in both pellet and grind form, suitable for applications including drain pipe, plastic lumber, truck bed liners, consumer-sized storage containers and more. We also use our own recycled material to make the MAUSER Infinity Series plastic drums, a line of economical yet high-quality HDPE containers.

In the EU, Mauser Packaging Solutions offers Recolene, a sustainable HDPE post-consumer resin (PCR) material for high quality HDPE applications. Recolene is produced from secured inbound raw material streams that guarantee quality and performance that’s superior to the typical PCR material available on the market.


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