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Packaging has always been an essential part of industry. And now, more than ever, so is sustainability. Mauser Packaging Solutions is a leader in providing both.

Mauser Packaging Solutions, formed by legacy companies BWAY Corp, MAUSER Group, National Container Group (“NCG”) and Industrial Container Services (“ICS”), works with businesses around the world to service the full packaging lifecycle, from design, manufacture and deliver, to recollection, refurbishment and recycling.

Bringing together the unique synergies of our four legacy companies—each a pioneer in the industry—we’ve become the first global packaging partner to deliver sustainability at scale: of natural resources, supply chains, packaging performance and growth opportunities. And we do so with speed, efficiency and reliability, always putting the customer first and creating relationships built on trust that endure and grow over time.

Our dedication to leadership, quality, service and sustainability is embraced by our over 11,000 employees, and built on four cornerstones—or the core values we embrace as an organization:

  • Commitment: Our company’s enduring commitment to delivering sustainability at scale
  • Innovation: Our spirit of innovation and focus on the future; always working to solve problems for customers today and tomorrow
  • Excellence: Our industry-leading portfolio of products and services of the highest quality and widest range
  • Passion: Our employees’ passion for the products we manufacture, the services we provide, and passion to service our customers’ needs

We’re excited about the potential that comes with being a global, diversified organization built for growth. We’re even more excited about our potential to make a difference.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

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