Petrochemicals & Lubricants

Fueling your success

Petrochemicals, fuels and lubricants keep our economy—and our society—moving. Producers need packaging solutions they can count on to store and transport these vital, and sometimes dangerous, products.

Lubricant and fuel manufacturers—including many of the most-recognized names in the petroleum industry—trust Mauser Packaging Solutions to provide options that are durable, easily storable, reliable and tamper-evident. Mauser Packaging Solutions containers are ideal for oil, lubricants, additives, fuel, cleaners and more.

Our plastic and metal packaging solutions come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Our customers have one-stop access to packaging that safely and efficiently handles your products.

Many Mauser Packaging Solutions customers are concerned about reducing their environmental impact and conserving natural resources. We’re the global leader in helping companies clean, refurbish and reuse their drums and IBCs. Additionally, we offer many options made with post-consumer recycled material, and all of the packaging we offer for fuels and lubricants are 100-percent recyclable.