Industrial Chemicals
Laboratory glassware with chemical liquid

Protection and safety are our first concern

Many industrial chemical products—explosives, flammable and combustible substances, and many other hazardous materials—can be highly dangerous while being packed, stacked, transported, delivered and unpacked.

Mauser Packaging Solutions understands the importance of packaging reliability in the chemical industry. Our durable chemical containers keep people and products safe during transport, use and storage. Our packaging is designed for many uses, including but not limited to hazardous materials, fire retardants, drilling fluids, specialty cleaners and pool chemicals.

We can provide you with reliable, perfectly sealed products that not only reduce risks, but also help prevent industrial spills and accidents. For additional reassurance, we offer highly visible decorations, instructions and cautions, as well as tamper-evident features on some of our products. UN and DOT-rated products are also available.

All of our products are recyclable, and some categories are reusable. We offer the most comprehensive IBC and steel and plastic drum reuse and refurbishment programs available, so you can operate more sustainably.