Customized Services
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Safely Contain Your Products During Shipment and Storage

When you run a large packaging operation, the more efficient you can make your processes, the better. That’s why we offer supporting services many other packaging suppliers don’t.

Maintenance & Repair

Mauser Packaging Solutions can process your stainless steel, carbon steel or roto-molded plastic asset tanks at several locations. We clean the containers, repair or replace necessary components, and test them prior to returning them to your fleet.

Laundry Services

Container laundry service

Mauser Packaging Solutions can provide packaging laundry service at locations around the globe for those customers who require cleaning of their dedicated packaging.
Our service includes picking up empty containers at your facilities (or those of your customers), cleaning and reconditioning them, performing maintenance and repair work as needed, doing performance testing, and returning containers to the proper location.

Mobile washing line

Our cleaning processes are designed by packaging experts and provide a high grade of cleanliness. We’ve also developed state-of-the-art drying processes to ensure customers receive perfectly dried containers.

We offer this service for these packaging types:

  • Intermediate bulk asset tanks (stainless steel, carbon steel and roto-molded poly containers)

  • Composite intermediate bulk containers (HDPE bottle in a cage)

  • Plastic drums

  • Steel drums

Our team of experts will work with you to develop a customized service with the individual cleaning procedures that work best for your business. Contact us to get the process started.