Medical Containers

Promoting health. Protecting patients and healthcare professionals.

Mauser Packaging Solutions proudly offers medical containers developed to meet the highest standards expected by safety-conscious healthcare customers. Our product offerings and ability to create customized solutions is second to none.

With the SHARPSGUARD® range of sharps containers and the Mauser Packaging Solutions WIVA™ Container System, we help hospitals, laboratories and healthcare facilities around the world ensure that medical waste is properly stored and disposed of.


Mauser Packaging Solution’s range of WIVA™ medical waste containers provides the preferred option for safe storage and transport of healthcare hazardous waste for many hospitals, laboratories and health centers throughout Europe. With its unique design, it has been setting the standard for many years.

Striving for excellence in industrial packaging solutions, we listened carefully to the feedback of customers and end-users, and identified safety, easy handling and sustainability as areas for further innovation and optimization.

With uniquely simple but robust closing systems, as well as features that provide ease and comfort, the WIVA™ Container System keeps both healthcare personnel and patients safe and healthy.

One System, Endless Opportunities

  • Fit for use in various medical environments, also for hygienic autoclaving and incineration processes
  • Available in three sizes: 30-, 50- and 60-liter
  • Different lid versions available
  • Failure-proof locking systems
  • Customizable options
  • UN approved for class 6.2 infectious waste, UN 3291
  • Special solutions available for Category A waste according to UN2814 and UN2900


Specializing in safety


SHARPSGUARD® puts customers first by delivering safety, service and support every day. Products are responsibly manufactured and delivered to the highest quality standards to comply with best-practice guidelines.


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The SHARPSGUARD® sharps container ranges have been enhanced to enable compliance with the requirements of the Safe Management of Healthcare Waste guidance published by the United Kingdom Department of Health. The ranges include new color-coded containers, lids and labels in a variety of sizes, while retaining the very highest standards. The SHARPSGUARD® ranges are manufactured to BS EN ISO 23907, UN3291, AFNO NFX 30-511 and ISO 9002.