Recover Syst-M


Return. Reuse. Conserve. Repeat.

Your complete solution for the return of empty IBCs, plastic and steel drums, and DrumGuard units

Through the largest global collection network, Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Recover Syst-M makes returning empty IBCs, plastic and steel drums, and DrumGuard units quick and easy.

Whether you have empty packaging at your production sites or your customers’, our local experts have the regulatory knowledge that’s critical for the safe and responsible handling of empty packaging for worry-free returns.

Not our packaging? No problem. We collect IBCs and drums from most major manufacturers – including our competitors. In many cases, various types of packaging can be consolidated on one trailer, further streamlining the collection process.

Customized Solutions

Our team is led by industry veterans that can develop – in close cooperation with your experts – a unique collection solution to suit your needs on a regional or global scale.

Learn how Recover Syst-M works!

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

We all have a role to play. Participation in Recover Syst-M helps your company meet its own sustainability targets, divert waste from landfills, reduce carbon emissions, and preserve natural resources. Collection is the first step to extending the life cycle of packaging through reconditioning or recycling – powering the circular economy.

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