Safe, recyclable consumer packaging that stands out

Mauser Packaging Solutions can help you create the perfect packaging for a wide array of consumer products.  

Customers work with us to package items like home cleaning products, dishwashing detergent, kitty litter, paints or retail automotive items. We’re also experts at providing packaging for food, beverage and dairy items, requiring the most rigid food safety standards.

Our design experts can work with you to create customized packaging with unique shapes, decorations and other features that will make your brand stand out on retail shelves and capture the attention of consumers amid fierce competition.  

Speaking of consumers—today’s retail shoppers are concerned about the environment and mindful of what goes into the packaging they buy (and if it’s recycled or if it can be when they’re finished using it). That’s why our products are 100-percent recyclable—and many are made from recycled materials. 

It’s how we’re working to move the world forward, achieving true sustainability at scale for our customers and our planet.