Reconditioned Packaging

Reconditioned packaging: an eco-friendly alternative to new packaging

We’re dedicated to helping our customers achieve true sustainability at scale. That’s why we offer a wide range of reconditioned and rebottled IBCs and reconditioned plastic and steel drums to customers whose markets and product types allow for their use. We can provide various specifications and sizes for both UN and non-UN applications.


Additionally, you can recoup the value of your packaging by recycling and reusing it. Our collection and reuse programs make this easy.


A reliable resource

For companies interested in the potential ecological and economic advantages of reconditioned packaging, we can supply you with combinations of new and used packaging designed to meet your unique needs.


Through our “closed-loop” services, we can help you collect and reuse your very own drums, helping to ensure complete integrity of your packaging supply chain if conditions warrant a dedicated reuse program.


Reconditioned steel drums

Reduce your environmental impact by including reconditioned steel drums in your packaging portfolio.


Reconditioning and return programs are available through Mauser Packaging Solutions, and our reconditioning capabilities include washing, cleaning through high-temperature oxidation, remanufacturing and recycling.


We offer a wide range of reconditioned open- and tight-head drums for both hazardous and non-hazardous applications. A broad selection of fitting combinations, interior linings and exterior coatings are available to meet your specific packaging needs.


Reconditioned intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)

Mauser Packaging Solutions collects and cleans IBCs from most major manufacturers and offers an equally wide range of reconditioned IBCs for sale in varying specifications and sizes.


With our collection and reuse program, you can reclaim the value of your returned IBCs by using either “washed” units (a reconditioned cage and bottle) or “rebottled” units (a reconditioned cage with a new bottle), depending on your specific packaging needs.


Our global reach allows us to offer collection services and reconditioned IBCs in a wide variety of styles. Our products include:


  • Rebottled IBC / Non-UN
  • Rebottled IBC / Non-UN (Recolene® Bottle – EU only)
  • Rebottled IBC / UN
  • Rebottled IBC / EX
  • Washed IBC / Non-UN
  • Washed IBC / UN
  • Washed IBC / EX


All of the reconditioned IBCs shown above are available from 640 L to 1,250 L on different pallet materials and with different cage designs. A broad variety of exit valves, fill ports, and other components in varying dimensions and materials are available to meet your specific requirements.


Reconditioned plastic drums

Help conserve valuable natural resources by incorporating reconditioned plastic drums into your packaging plan.


We can help you find value in your empty plastic drums with our recollect service, and can provide you with a high-quality, multi-use, reconditioned container suitable for most major chemistries and packaging needs. A variety of sizes and colors are available in both open- and tight-head configurations for both UN and non-UN applications.


Mauser Packaging Solutions also offers the Infinity® drum, produced from our high-quality, recycled HDPE. Similar to a new HDPE drum, the Infinity® drum offers standard overall dimensions and color while saving your company money by using recycled materials