Safe. Secure. Sustainable.

Your customers expect to receive products safely, in good condition, and without damage. Often times this is achieved by using large quantities of load securing materials such as stretch or shrink wrap and strapping. Proper load securing is not only a legal requirement, but also protects your reputation, reduces costs, and improves efficiency.

As the first product of its kind, the DrumGuard® Quattro Multi load securing system drastically reduces single-use plastic waste while delivering unparalleled cargo protection. Whether shipping by land, air, or sea, the DrumGuard® is certified according to international standards and meets EUMOS 40509 regulations.

The DrumGuard® system consists of only two components and can be installed 95% faster than conventional load securing methods. You can secure pallets whenever and wherever, without investing in stationary equipment. It’s also quick and easy to remove once the unit load arrives safely at its destination.

And to help you achieve your sustainability goals, the DrumGuard® was designed with reusability in mind. Mauser Packaging Solutions has the largest return network in the industry with more than 100 used packaging collection sites globally. Through our collection and reuse program, we make sure the DrumGuard® finds its way back to you.

The DrumGuard® Quattro Multi can be used on the following products:

  • 55G / 216.5L Steel Drums – Open and Tight Head
  • 55G / 220L Plastic Drums – Tight Head
  • 55G / 208L Fibre Drums

Download Product Brochure – DrumGuard® Quattro Multi.