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With facilities in Europe, South America and Asia, an exciting opportunity at Mauser Packaging Solutions may be closer than you think. We are always hiring for a range of skills, experience levels and qualifications. Join us and find your path to professional growth—whether you work with us for a while or for the duration of your career.


Whether you’re a career starter or a seasoned professional, we offer opportunities for you to grow and develop—on a global scale. With over 10,000 team members around the world, there are many opportunities at Mauser Packaging Solutions to learn new skills and perspectives from supportive teammates.



Are you a seasoned professional interested in furthering your career? Mauser Packaging Solutions needs your professional skills, experience and leadership.


As a Mauser Packaging Solutions professional, you’ll work in an environment that:

  • Fosters your growth through comprehensive learning
  • Recognizes and rewards your contributions through competitive compensation to align your work with business success
  • Values and encourages diversity
  • Provides you with meaningful work and gives you the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of people across the world

Career Starters

Are you just getting started in your career? Mauser Packaging Solutions offers many entry-level positions with opportunities to gain valuable experience.



The Mauser Packaging Solutions trainee programs serve as a valuable frame of reference, especially for newcomers just starting out. Over a period of 18 months, you will take part in a practice-related, on-the-job training course where you will get to know more about our company’s special departments, functions and fields of activity.


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Through the Mauser Packaging Solutions apprenticeship programs, young people have the opportunity to learn valuable skills on the job.


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Our internship development programs are a great opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experience and contribute to real-world projects. The internship experience will help you to later decide which job you would actually like to do and will help you to take the first steps in setting up your own professional network.


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