Mauser Packaging Solutions New Return Program Branding Emphasizes its Key Benefits
21 September 2022

Mauser Packaging Solutions is pleased to announce it has branded its market leading global collection program as “Recover Syst-M.”


For more than 50 years, Mauser Packaging Solutions has collected empty industrial packaging from companies around the world.  The new name and logo capture the essence of the program while emphasizing its key strengths – giving IBCs and drums a second life and diverting waste from landfills.


Recover Syst-M


“Every year, Mauser Packaging Solutions gives tens of millions of used IBCs and plastic and steel drums around the world a new life. Having a brand name that represents this program, unites us all around our common goal of extending the life cycle of packaging and supporting the circular economy,” said Mark Burgess, CEO of Mauser Packaging Solutions.


It All Starts with Recover Syst-M


Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Recover Syst-M serves as the first step in the reconditioning process. Reconditioned IBCs and drums provide a variety of benefits including carbon emission savings, preservation of natural resources, and a reduction of waste – all while meeting the highest environmental and quality standards.


Led by industry veterans, the Mauser Packaging Solutions team can develop – in close cooperation with your experts – a unique collection solution to meet your business’ needs. Through the largest global collection network, Recover Syst-M is near you and around the world. Click here to schedule a pickup -