Infinity Series Makes the Circular Economy Go Round and Round
25 February 2020

Infinity Series Makes the Circular Economy Go Round and Round

Mauser Packaging Solutions has unveiled exciting updates to its Infinity Series product line.


About the Infinity Series

The Infinity Series was introduced more than 10 years ago and featured one of the first UN-certified, monolayer, plastic drums made from 100% recycled resin. Today, the Infinity Series product line continues to expand and includes multilayer drum and IBC options.


Recycled Material

The Infinity Series product line capitalizes on Mauser Packaging Solutions’ unique ability to collect, recondition, reuse, and recycle industrial packaging in-house. The result is high quality PCR (post-consumer resin) for use in the Infinity Series product line. This closed loop system gives packaging new life, while reducing its environmental impact.

The latest developments to the Infinity Series were designed to promote a circular economy and provide customers with environmentally favorable packaging for the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous goods. The expanded line now includes a multilayer IBC and additional plastic drum options.


Multilayer Infinity IBC

The new Infinity IBC features an innovative 2-layer bottle which contains up to 40% recycled resin and has a reduced carbon footprint of up to 25%. High quality recycled resin is generated from empty, used IBCs and featured in the outer layer of the IBC bottle. At this time, the multilayer IBC is only available in Europe.


Multilayer Infinity Plastic Drums

New 2 and 3-layer, UN-certified open head drums are available in 120L – 220L sizes. Drums incorporate between 40-75% recycled resin and have a reduced carbon footprint of up to 45%. At this time, the multi-layer open top drums are available in Europe and 1-layer open and tight head drums and 3-layer tight head drums are available in Europe and the U.S.


True Sustainability at Scale

The Infinity Series is one of the most comprehensive portfolios of UN-certified industrial packaging made from recycled resin (PCR). With the largest network of reconditioning facilities, Mauser Packaging Solutions is committed to thinking circular and delivering sustainable solutions that are good for the environment and good for your business.


Learn more about the Infinity Series via this short video.