Case Study: How Evonik used DrumGuard to Safely Secure Cargo, Improve Loading Times, and Reduce Waste
17 June 2021


At specialty chemicals company Evonik, safety is the top priority. In 2019, the Logistics Safety team at Evonik began evaluating alternatives to their current load securing system for drums. They transitioned to the reusable DrumGuard® system which can be installed 90% faster than conventional methods without the need for special equipment. Evonik realized immediate benefits, while meeting the highest safety standards.


Evonik’s load securing system for drums was complex. The cargo loading process was detailed and time-consuming and required large amounts of single-use plastic. It relied heavily on the use of lashing straps and wooden frames. Evonik was looking for a load securing system that would continue to protect people and products, accelerate the cargo loading process, reduce vehicle rejections, and reduce their environmental impact.


After testing and evaluating the two- component DrumGuard® system, Evonik officially adopted use of DrumGuard® across Europe.

The results were immediate. Evonik eliminated the need to use wooden frames during the transport process while reducing their use of lashing straps from 11 to 1. Loading times improved as units were transport-ready after the quick installation of DrumGuard®. Evonik also substantially reduced the amount of single-use plastic material used, such as stretch wrap and straps, to secure units. Evonik has peace of mind that each load will be transported safely to its destination while meeting proper regulations.

“Thanks to DrumGuard ®, there is a reduction of our carbon footprint, a decrease in unnecessary packaging for our customers, while also keeping occupational safety standards high.”


Gerd Labinsky, Senior Manager Logistics Safety at Evonik


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