Mauser Packaging Solutions Expands Product Range with New All-Plastic, Stackable IBC Line
24 January 2023

Rotationally-molded, all-plastic IBCs provide users with a highly durable and reusable solution

Mauser Packaging Solutions is pleased to introduce its new line of all-plastic, stackable IBCs. Available in 275 and 330-gallon sizes, the new line of IBCs provides users with a highly durable and reusable packaging solution that’s ideal for the industrial chemical, agriculture chemical, acid, water treatment, and petrochemical markets.


Designed for hazardous material transport and dispensing, the UN-rated all-plastic IBC is rotationally molded using UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene. It’s nominal ½” thick walls provide unparalleled durability and long-term reuse opportunities. Through participation in Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Recover Syst-M program, all-plastic IBCs can be collected, reconditioned, re-certified, and re-used.


Along with providing performance benefits, the all-plastic IBC offers customers several user-friendly features. Volume indicators molded in the sidewall provide users with a quick way to monitor product levels, while the sloped tank bottom helps drain as much product from the IBC as possible, minimizing product retention and maximizing cost savings.  An enlarged “doghouse” provides easy and unobstructed access to the bottom discharge valve, supporting quick draining, while two ports on top of the IBC accommodate a variety of accessories including draw tubes and pressure relief devices.


Users can customize the all-plastic IBC with their logo for maximum impact and choose from a variety of pallet colors for easy product or asset identification. Additionally, the all-plastic IBC provides four-way forklift access to support efficient material handling and stacks with other brands of all-plastic IBCs.


Mauser Packaging Solutions is committed to expanding our product offering and delivering innovative solutions to meet current and future market demands.


To learn more, download the product flyer here.