Mauser Packaging Solutions and RIKUTEC PACKAGING Announce Partnership for Sustainable IBC Solutions
21 March 2024

Oak Brook, IL, USA – 21 March 2024


New partnership covers growing demand for smart, reusable IBC solutions.


Mauser Packaging Solutions, the global leader in sustainable products and services across the lifecycle of industrial packaging and RIKUTEC PACKAGING, a leading manufacturer of high-quality multiway container solutions for high purity packaging, have entered into an exclusive partnership in line with the production and promotion of sustainable IBC solutions on a global scale.


This strategic alliance will add RIKUTEC PACKAGING IBC solutions to the Mauser Packaging Solutions product portfolio with both parties excited to launch a new, best-in class reusable and robust, heavy duty, 1,000-liter IBC. Specifically designed for multi-trip usage and produced with recycled plastic materials, the new Mauser Poly IBC MT Series reduces the need for single-use packaging whilst fully meeting CO2 emission requirements, providing a new dimension to the circular economy strategies of our customers.


The new Mauser Poly IBC MT is available in different variations to meet the special requirements of many industries and can be equipped with digital IT devices to foster end-to-end supply chain connectivity, providing real-time tracking and tracing, visibility, and risk mitigation. With the integration of real IoT (Internet of Things), customers can stay in touch with their container/product, having around the clock visibility to product fill levels, location, temperature, shock information, as well as technical documentation, manufacturing data, and loop information (number of fillings and returns).


RIKUTEC PACKAGING’s unmatched experience producing robust, multi-trip IBC solutions in combination with Mauser Packaging Solutions’ best-in-industry global network for collection and reconditioning of industrial packaging, are the perfect match to not only to meet customers’ internal sustainability goals, but also provide a cost-effective digitalization solution.


“Mauser Packaging Solutions is excited about the partnership with RIKUTEC PACKAGING to bring their innovative IBC solutions to our customers. Both companies are focused on providing leading edge sustainable product solutions that offer reduction of CO2 emissions to customers, and their product portfolio is a perfect addition to ours. Our mutual commitment to sustainability, digitalization, and providing customers with new multi-trip packaging solutions that safeguard their filling goods is a great combination,” said Michael Steubing, President International of Mauser Packaging Solutions.


“Together, Mauser Packaging Solutions and RIKUTEC PACKAGING are determined to make a real difference in the market. Mauser Packaging Solutions’ proven expertise and vast network will be instrumental in making the Mauser Poly IBC MT Series, specially designed for Mauser Packaging Solutions, a familiar sight around the world, paving the way for a more sustainable future with state-of-the-art multi-trip packaging solutions,” commented Bodo Richter, CEO & President of RIKUTEC Group.


About Mauser Packaging Solutions:
Mauser Packaging Solutions is a global leader in products and services for all stages of packaging. It provides large and small industrial packaging in metal, plastic, fiberglass, recycled and hybrid materials to companies worldwide in different industries ranging from food and beverage, cosmetic and chemical to pharmaceutical, petrochemical, agrochemical, and paint. The company is committed to support its customers in moving from the linear “take-make-dispose” model to a circular “reduce-reuse-recycle”-model and will continue to innovate and invest in technologies and facilities that extend the lifecycle of industrial packaging and foster the circular economy.





RIKUTEC PACKAGING leads in modern, high-purity packaging solutions meeting the most demanding standards and applications. The companies all-plastic, highly secure IBC and Drum portfolio provides comprehensive protection for customer products, consumers, and the environment since decades. Manufactured in clean-room conditions using high-purity HDPE, RIKUTEC PACKAGING continues to set the benchmark for purity and reliability in the packaging sector, focusing on highest quality standards to meet the specific requirements of customers in sophisticated chemical industries. The company is dedicated to excellence and innovations, establishing RIKUTEC PACKAGING as a trailblazer in providing high-purity, all-plastic solutions for the semiconductor industry.