All-Plastic Stackable IBC
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Safe. Secure. Sustainable.

Ideal for chemicals, lubricants, acids, coatings, and more, Mauser Packaging Solutions’ all-plastic IBCs provide users with maximum durability, performance, and safety.

Available in 275 and 330-gallon sizes, our UN-rated all-plastic, stackable IBC is designed for hazardous material transport and dispensing. Post-use, it can be collected, reconditioned, and reused through participation in our Recover Syst-M program.

Advantages of the Mauser Packaging Solutions All-Plastic IBC Include:

  • Unparalleled durability and reuse opportunities with nominal ½” thick walls and UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene
  • Quick draining via unobstructed access to bottom discharge valve through enlarged “doghouse”
  • Maximum draining efficiency via sloped tank bottom
  • Secure stacking – even with other brands of IBCs
  • Maximum brand impact with option to emboss logo and a variety of pallet colors available
  • Lower environmental impact through participation in the Recover Syst-M program

Download the product brochure here.