Next Generation Egg Tray Provides Superior Protection & Reusability Benefits
14 October 2019

Mauser Packaging Solutions is excited to introduce its next generation plastic egg tray. This announcement marks a significant enhancement to an already successful product line used for over 20 years in the commercial egg industry.

The new egg tray was designed with superior protection, reusability, and ease of use in mind for egg producers and processors. It’s ideal for diverse egg types and sizes and its unique design protects fragile eggs during transport, keeping them intact throughout the supply chain.

The next generation egg tray features cone openings which provide users a range of key benefits designed to maintain egg quality. Large cone openings allow eggs to nest deeper in the tray, providing more protection and preventing breakage. Cone openings provide better air and water circulation, improve temperature control, promote a more uniformed and faster cooling experience, and allow for easy cleaning and sanitation. A stronger perimeter also helps improve robotic pick up.

Egg trays are made of durable polyethylene plastic and last up to 10 years in normal operation. At the end of its usable life, an egg tray is 100% recyclable. “We are committed to providing innovative solutions that create sustainable value for our customers and the environment. The new egg tray accomplishes both of these goals,” said Elaine Sonoda, Director of Sales, Small Packaging.

For more information about Mauser Packaging Solutions’ plastic egg tray product line, click here.