New Year, Same Commitment to Safety
06 January 2022

Safety is more than just a priority at Mauser Packaging Solutions – it’s a core value and integral part of our culture. At the start of a new year, we have another opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to safety and raise awareness about our safety efforts and achievements. Customers, employees, suppliers, and investors all have shared interest in what we do and how we do it – and that includes health and safety. We will never stop working toward our goal of zero injuries.


Our facilities continually work to implement and improve safety measures to ensure employees have a safe work environment. Over the past year, some examples of our commitments include the introduction of a new “12-Step Building Block for Safety” audit process performed at 100 facilities, the participation of 40 supervisors in a pilot of the National Safety Council Supervisors Development program, enhanced incident reporting and investigation processes, investments in new equipment and automation to safeguard tasks with potential hazards, the implementation of a new Employee Observation Process to identify and mitigate risks, and streamlined safety guidelines and policies across our North American businesses.


Our safety program also includes Health and Safety Committees comprised of employees in a range of job functions, monthly safety calls to discuss metrics and priority topics, annual meetings to share best practices, a behavior-based safety observation program, corporate safety audits and risk assessments, an annual safety stand-down meeting, as well as assigned safety trainings and activities throughout the year to name a few examples. 



We recognize employees in facilities that have reached and are maintaining significant safety records. Some examples include:


  • Our LaGrange, Ga. facility reached 5,475 days or 15 years without a lost time injury.
  • Our Indianapolis, Indiana facility reached 3,650 days or 10 years without a lost time injury.
  • Our Erlanger, Kentucky and Ryazan, Russia facilities reached 3,285 days or 9 years without a recordable incident.


“Our dedicated employees are our biggest asset,” said Joe Cummons, Senior Vice President Mauser Packaging Solutions Operating System. “At Mauser Packaging Solutions, we share an attitude of personal responsibility for our own safety and the safety of each other. Safety depends on everyone. We salute our employees who continue to put safety first, every day.”


Our Global Health and Safety Policy is communicated to every employee and can be accessed here.