Mauser Packaging Solutions’ WIVA Infinity Medical Waste Containers Approved for Use in Belgium
07 October 2020

Mauser Packaging Solutions’ range of WIVA™ medical waste containers are used by hospitals, laboratories and health centers throughout Europe for the safe storage and transport of healthcare hazardous waste. In 2018, the WIVA Infinity Series was introduced in the Dutch market, marking the first medical waste container line made from at least 85% recycled resin generated from post-consumer packaging waste. WIVA Infinity Series Containers are available in sizes 30, 50, and 60 liter sizes and boast a 50% lower carbon footprint compared to medical waste containers made from virgin plastic.


After the successful introduction of the WIVA Infinity range in the Netherlands, Belgian hospitals began expressing interest in the product line as a way to reduce their carbon footprint, while providing superior protection and handling of healthcare hazardous waste. After close collaboration with Flemish and Brussels authorities, the WIVA Infinity Container range was recently approved for use in the Belgian market! The expanded availability of the product line underlines Mauser Packaging Solutions’ ongoing commitment to provide solutions that promote the circular economy and reduce our mutual environmental footprint.

About WIVA Medical Waste Containers:


The WIVA Container system was designed to meet the highest safety standards to keep both healthcare personnel and patients safe and healthy.

One System, Endless Opportunities:


  • Failure-proof locking systems for the safe transport and disposal of contaminated medical waste
  • Fit for use in various medical environments, also for hygienic autoclaving and incineration processes
  • Available in three sizes: 30-, 50- and 60-liter
  • UN approved for class 6.2 infectious waste, UN 3291
  • Special solutions available for Category A waste according to UN2814 and UN2900
  • Nestable when empty and extremely stable, even when stacked
  • Safe, ergonomically solid handgrips
  • Several lid types available
  • Customizable


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