Infinity Series Meets EU Ecolabel Requirements for Lubricant Packaging
26 October 2020

The EU Ecolabel program was established in 1992 and is recognized across Europe and around the world. The program awards a label of environmental excellence to complete products and services that meet high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle. The EU Ecolabel program supports the transition to a circular economy while helping consumers make environmentally conscious decisions at the point of purchase.


To receive an EU Ecolabel, a product must meet strict criteria that are based on the main principles of circular economy and support both sustainable production and consumption of products. For some product categories, there are specific criteria related to packaging that much must be met in order to receive the EU Ecolabel label. Recently, revised criteria for the lubricant product group require that the plastic packaging used to contain lubricants incorporate a minimum of 25% post-consumer resin (PCR) in order to be awarded the EU Ecolabel designation. The lubricant product group includes the following sub-categories:


  • Accidental Loss Lubricants (ALL)
  • Chainsaw oils, concrete release agents, wire rope lubricants, stern tube oils
  • Grease and stern tube greases
  • Hydraulic fluids and tractor transmission oils
  • Industrial and marine gear oils
  • Partial Loss Lubricants (PLL)
  • Total Loss Lubricants (TLL)
  • Two-stroke oils

Fueling Your Success with the Infinity Series


We offer a wide range of packaging solutions for lubricant manufacturers that are durable, reliable, easy to store, environmentally friendly and meet the EU Ecolabel requirements for lubricant packaging.


The Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Infinity Series is one of the most comprehensive portfolios of UN-Certified industrial packaging made from post-consumer resin (PCR). The Infinity Series product line capitalizes on our unique ability to collect, recondition, reuse, and recycle industrial packaging in-house. The result is high-quality, post-consumer resin (PCR) that is used to manufacture plastic drums, intermediate bulk containers, jerrycans, grease pails, and hobbocks. Our closed-loop system gives packaging new life, while providing environmentally favorable industrial packaging solutions for the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous goods in the lubricant industry.


Here are products from Mauser Packaging Solutions that go above and beyond to the requirements for the updated Ecolabel standards:



We are committed to thinking circular and delivering sustainable solutions that help our customers and the environment. To learn more about the EU Ecolabel, please visit: