Investments in Erkelenz, Germany Expand Capabilities and Further Promote Circular Economy
03 December 2020

Mauser Packaging Solutions is committed to investing in our facilities to better serve customers and meet local market demands. Over the past year, investments made in the Erkelenz, Germany facilities have expanded our IBC washing, rebottling and post-consumer resin (PCR) production capacity at the Reconditioning site as well as increased production capabilities for IBC cages at the IBC site.


Reconditioning and Recycling

Construction of a new production space was completed during the summer 2020 and is home to a state-of-the-art IBC wash line and automated IBC rebottle line. This investment provides sustainable washing services in close proximity to our customers in the region, reducing our mutual impact on the environment and optimizing transportation.


Additionally, investments in the facility’s recycled resin processing lines have increased PCR production to meet growing consumer demand. Recolene, PCR produced in-house from packaging diverted from the waste stream, is used to manufacture the Infinity Series of products which includes IBCs, drums, tight head containers and jerrycans, medical waste containers and bottles.


IBC Production


To meet the growing demand for IBCs, an additional building and line focused on IBC cage production are under construction and scheduled to be fully operational by the end of Q3 2021. To learn more about our IBC product line, click here.