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Mauser Packaging Solutions: Verdadera sostenibilidad a escala

For the first time, you have a single packaging partner who can reliably provide solutions throughout the packaging lifecycle, around the world.

Mauser Packaging Solutions, made up of BWAY, Mauser Group, NCG and ICS, offers unprecedented packaging performance and innovation to redefine sustainability for customers. From new packaging made from recycled content, to reconditioning, reuse, recycling and professional disposal, we offer custom solutions that can positively impact business and the planet, bringing true sustainability at scale to companies around the world.

Together we have more than 300 years of combined experience, more than 1,000 patents worldwide, more than 180 centers around the world, and more than 11,000 employees committed to helping companies like yours operate more sustainably and effectively.

Global reach, for a global impact

With our global network of design, manufacturing, and refurbishment and recycling facilities, we can provide high-quality packaging solutions throughout the packaging lifecycle, from virtually wherever you need it.

Al participar en este ciclo completo, su compañía puede lograr una verdadera sostenibilidad a escala. Usted se beneficia de una cadena de suministro global consistente, una amplia serie de opciones de empaque, nuevas oportunidades de crecimiento del negocio, y una oportunidad de dejar una huella ecológica más baja. Usted puede sentirse mejor por hacer su parte para proteger nuestro planeta; y al compartir esa historia con sus clientes, puede ayudarlos a sentirse incluso mejor por trabajar con usted.

And we are already achieving results. For example, in 2016, member company NCG returned 2.4 million cubic meters of reconditioned packaging volume to the market. And ICS member company customers kept  127,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.

Built from global packaging and recycling pioneers with complementary skills and global reach, we're excited about the future.

And we're even more excited about how we can make a positive impact on yours.