Renewing our Commitment to Safety - Completing Every Job the Safe Way, Every Time
08 January 2021



At Mauser Packaging Solutions, safety is more than just a priority. It is a core value and integral part of our culture. It is our responsibility to ensure our workforce goes home to their family and loved ones, safe and unharmed, every day. This commitment extends to third party contractors and the local communities where we operate. We will never stop working toward our goal of zero injuries.


We take a three-pronged approach to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our workforce through investment and training, leadership, and mutual accountability. Our Global Health and Safety Policy is communicated to every employee and can be accessed here. 


This year’s safety theme is “Elevate Your Standards.” We will be highly focused on our standards and committing ourselves to safe practices – completing every job the safe way, every time. To reaffirm our commitment to safety in 2021, all employees will participate in two global safety stand down meetings as well as additional activities and programs throughout the year.


Safety is a cooperative undertaking requiring an ever-present safety consciousness on the part of every employee. Only through cooperative efforts can a safety culture that is in the best interest of all, be established and preserved.