Mauser Packaging Solutions Introduces the Envision Series - High Performance Bottles for High Performance Products
02 November 2022

Mauser Packaging Solutions is pleased to introduce the Envision Series product line, a new range of 1, 4, and 5-liter plastic bottles designed for use in the automotive industry for lubricants, engine oils, brake fluids, coolants, and more, as well as the chemical industry.  


The Envision Series features a lightweight yet robust bottle design for full product protection on the store shelf, on the road, and in consumers’ homes. Users will benefit from the product line’s ergonomic bottle shape which is easy to handle and ideal for smooth pouring, making routine maintenance even quicker.  A window stripe and volume scale will let consumers know when they are running low.


Brands will benefit from custom embossment opportunities and the large label area, providing maximum brand impact and space to communicate product information.  A variety of colors and filling grades are available to suit the product’s needs and stand out on store shelves. The Envision Series can be manufactured with high-quality recycled plastic for a reduced environmental impact and in accordance with EU Ecolabel specifications.


The Envision Series is an exciting an addition to Mauser Packaging Solutions’ existing Hurrycan series of high-performance packaging solutions. It will continue to expand with additional sizes as customer and market needs evolve.


Download the Envision Series product brochure here.