Investment in Multi-Layer Plastic Drum Machine Expands Capacity for Growing Demand of Infinity Series Products
31 August 2022

Mauser Packaging Solutions continues to expand its production capacities for its Infinity Series of products and invest in technology and equipment that supports the circular economy. Most recently, the company invested in a new multi-layer plastic drum machine to further support the use of recycled resin in its Infinity Series’ plastic drum product portfolio.


The new machine, located in Littleborough, United Kingdom, produces a UN-certified, multi-layer, tight-head plastic drum which incorporates recycled resin and is ideal for use in a variety of industries including the chemical, adhesive, oil, and petrochemical markets. The high-quality, recycled resin, called Recolene®, is manufactured in-house at Mauser Packaging Solutions from empty industrial packaging that has been collected via the company’s global packaging return program. This unique closed-loop process ensures a consistent, high-quality supply of recycled resin that gives plastic materials new life, reduces industrial waste, conserves raw materials, and has a smaller carbon footprint.


The Littleborough, United Kingdom facility has been in operation since 2007. In addition to manufacturing mono-layer and multi-layer plastic drums, the Littleborough facility also produces mono-layer and multi-layer IBC bottles and sharps containers for medical waste. 


As more regulations, such as the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) in the United Kingdom, are introduced around the world to encourage the use of recycled plastic, Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Infinity Series of products offers companies the most comprehensive portfolio of industrial packaging made from recycled resin to help meet these regulations.  The Infinity Series includes IBCs, medical waste containers, plastic pails, tight-head containers, and lube oil cans.


Download the Infinity Series brochure here.