Mauser Packaging Solutions Introduces New Medical Waste Container Made of 100% Recycled Material
17 December 2018

Mauser Packaging Solutions Introduces New Medical Waste Container Made of 100% Recycled Material and Receives Dutch Innovation Award.

Mauser Packaging Solutions, a global leader in solutions and services across the packaging lifecycle, has launched the first medical waste container made of 100% recycled plastics generated from post-consumer packaging waste. The innovative concept has been awarded the 3rd prize in the 2018 NENnovation Award presented by the Dutch Standardization Institute NEN.


The new WIVA Infinity Container combines the superior protection and handling of specific healthcare risk waste with the environmental benefits of using recycled plastic resin. Made of 100% recycled plastics, users in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, practices, nursing homes and pharmacies can expect a reduced CO2 footprint of over 50% with the new containers compared to those made of virgin plastic material. As Kees Vredevoort, Sales Manager Mauser Benelux, explains, “the new WIVA Infinity Container is available in sizes 30l, 50l and 60l complementing our well known WIVA Medical Waste Container range.”


The recent development is a great example of how partners in the supply chain are teaming up on a joint vision of a circular economy to reduce the environmental impact of a specific product. Being the leading producer of medical waste containers in Europe, Mauser Packaging Solutions collaborated with QCP (Quality Circular Polymers) and SUEZ to develop new recycling plastics suitable to meet the highest quality standards applicable for packaging designed to handle healthcare risk waste.


The new product concept was successfully tested according to the United Nations Dangerous Goods protocols. In close cooperation, and with the highly appreciated support from several Dutch authorities, such as the IL&T (Transport Inspection), the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and T&CPI (Testing Authority), Mauser Packaging Solutions gained a special permit allowing the container to be used in the Dutch market and on Dutch roads.


Prize-winning innovation for future-leading sustainability

Honoring the supply chain initiative, WIVA Infinity Container received the 3rd prize in this year’s prestigious NENnovation Award organized by the Dutch Standardization Institute NEN. The jury recognized the uniqueness of the WIVA Infinity Container because it not only makes use of household plastic waste, but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint.
Mauser Packaging Solutions is continuously looking for new ways to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging solutions and to support customers in reaching their sustainability goals. The company provides sustainability-oriented, full-cycle services from production to recycling. One of the main initiatives is the Infinity program which combines all efforts to produce packaging using recycled plastics. “Having installed recycling centers in the United States, Brazil and Europe, Mauser Packaging Solutions can generate high-quality post-industrial resin to manufacture a wide range of industrial packaging with a significantly lower carbon footprint,” outlines Axel Schaefer, Head of Product Management for Mauser's International Packaging Division.



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