Mauser Packaging Solutions Expands Line of Screw-Top Pails with Easy Open and Close Solution
31 January 2023

New line includes resealable, child-resistant senior-friendly packaging for pool chemicals, spill kits, food and more

Mauser Packaging Solutions is pleased to announce it has expanded its portfolio of screw-top plastic pails, a product line the company pioneered in the early 2000s, with the introduction of a resealable, quarter-turn, screw-top pail series.


The new quarter-turn screw-top pail line was designed with the end user in mind. It provides customers with an intuitive, easy open and close screw-on lid solution, while child-resistant features help prevent accidental access. Available in 3.5G, 5.25G, and 6.5G sizes, the new line is UN-Certified for Solids Groups II and III, Child-Resistant Senior-Friendly (CRSF), and meets FDA regulations for food contact.


The product line’s screw-on cover was designed for use with automated closing systems and is available with a tamper-evident feature to protect branded products against unwanted tampering. Molded-in hand grips allow for easy handling, while a large billboard area on the pail allows brands to highlight marketing messaging, instructions, and restrictions.


It is ideal for use in the pool chemical, water treatment, food, spill kit, and emergency supply industries. Post-use the quarter-turn screw top pail package is recycle-ready.


To learn more about the new screw top pail series, download the sales flyer here.