Consumer Packaging Made EZ: 5 Features Brands Love about EZ Stor Containers
25 March 2021

Packaging isn’t only a means to consumption – it’s part of the product experience. Consumers look for packaging that is intuitive, user-friendly, and provides a positive experience in the store and at home.  Mauser Packaging Solutions' EZ Stor product line helps brands ensure their packaging meets consumers’ high expectations while keeping convenience at the forefront. Here are 5 features brands love about the EZ Stor Container product line.


Hinged Lid for Quick & Easy Consumer Access


Convenience is key for consumers. EZ Stor Containers feature a flip-top, or hinged cover. The hinged lid stays connected to the package while providing a large opening for consumers to easily access tub contents and dispense over time. A tab feature on the lid allows consumers to quickly flip open the cover, grab tub contents, and snap shut.


Space-Efficiency & Storability


The rectangular shape of EZ Stor Containers minimizes air space and cubes out a standard 40” x 48” pallet, delivering more product per square foot of retail space. Additionally, the rectangular shape fits on store shelving with ease and is ideal for storage under a kitchen sink, in the laundry room, in the pantry, or garage.


Store Shelf Appeal


A product’s labeling can be the selling point for many consumers. The right decoration can attract consumers’ attention and make a product stand out next to the competitor’s. EZ Stor containers feature a large, wrap-around billboard area to communicate brands’ unique marketing messages through high-impact graphics.


Brand owners also like the organized look of rigid packaging on the store shelf compared to flexible packaging which can tip over and appear messy.


Environmentally Friendly


Today’s retail shoppers are concerned about the environment and mindful of what goes into the packaging they buy and whether it is recyclable. Mauser Packaging Solutions’ EZ Stor Containers can incorporate our patented Diamond Weave technology. This technology reduces the amount of plastic needed to produce a container by up to 25% while maintaining the structural integrity of the package.


Whether or not diamond weave technology is utilized, all EZ Stor Containers are 100% recyclable post-use or can be repurposed as storage containers around the house or at work.


Product Visibility & Transparency


EZ Stor Containers can be manufactured using clear plastic material, providing consumers with ultimate product visibility. A clear container allows consumers to view tub contents and see the product’s size, shape, color, features, and other important characteristics before purchasing.


EZ Stor Containers are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 0.4-gallons to 13-gallons and are ideal for products that will be dispensed and used over time. This includes dish detergent tablets, foods, sporting goods, pool chemicals, pet care products, lawn and garden products, and more.


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