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At Mauser Packaging Solutions we connect theory and practice. Excellent knowledge from school and university are the solid foundation to set for professional highs. At Mauser Packaging Solutions, attentive and responsible professionals will be by your side to enrich your theoretical knowledge with the necessary practice: ideally as part of an internship. An internship today is more than just the practical gain in competence. It gives you plenty of scope to make contacts for your specific career choice and to successfully establish your professional network.


Internships & practical semester


The Mauser Packaging Solutions internships are divided into the following variants:


  • Trial internship lasting 1-3 days. Available as a special qualification measure (eg Girls '/ Boys' Day) or as part of the selection process for a commercial-technical apprenticeship position.
  • School internship especially for commercial-technical or commercial professions. Duration: up to 3 weeks.
  • Practical semester after careful evaluation with assignment only when needed, e.g. in the fields of Machinery, Product Development, Innovation and Processing, Engineering, Lean Management and IT.


Bachelor / Master's thesis


Opportunity to write your Bachelor / Master thesis at Mauser Packaging Solutions based on careful evaluation and on demand, e.g. in Machinery, Product Development, Innovation and Processing, Engineering, Lean Management, IT.