What do Warehouse Clubs Look for in a Package?
29 June 2020

A warehouse club (or wholesale club) is a retail store that typically requires membership and sells a wide variety of merchandise in bulk quantities. This includes stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and Makro, just to name a few. The unique environment of the warehouse club requires a different type of packaging.


We've identified 6 important features to keep in mind when selecting a rigid package for products that will be sold in a warehouse club.


User Experience


Packaging isn’t only a means to consumption – it’s part of the product experience. Warehouse clubs look for packaging that provides a positive end-user experience in the store and at home. Consider the following factors when it comes to user experience:


  1. Shelf Presentation – Your package needs to stand out on the store shelf. Rigid packaging often has a better presentation on the store shelf compared to flexible packaging which can tip over and appear messy.
  2. Easy to Use Lid – Convenience is key. One option to consider is a flip-top or hinged lid. The hinged lid always stays on the package while providing an easy open, easy close solution. The opening also allows users to quickly see how much of a product they have left.
  3. Storability - End-users look for packaging that be stacked and stored under a kitchen sink, in a laundry room, in the pantry, or garage.


High-Impact Graphics that Pop


A product’s labeling can be the selling point for many consumers. The right decoration can attract consumers’ attention and make your product stand out next to the competitor’s. Look for a package with a large billboard area. This will help you communicate your brand’s unique marketing message through high impact graphics and text. Additionally, explore what printing capabilities are available. In-Mold Labeling is an excellent option that allows graphics to be seen from any angle.




Club stores offer a no-frill environment for product placement. Typically, products are moved directly to the store floor with minimal in-store handling. Because secondary packaging is kept to a minimum, it’s important to select a durable package that’s able to withstand the journey from packaging manufacturer, to filler, to warehouse club while protecting the product. Not only will this help prevent costly returns, but also boost perceptions of quality in consumers’ eyes.


Space Efficient


Warehouse and shelf space is precious. Safe and secure stacking is a non-negotiable in a club store environment. Consider a package with a rectangular or square shape. This minimizes air space and cubes out a standard pallet, delivering more product per square foot of retail space.




Club stores rely on efficiency and volume to keep prices low for members. This means, products need to sell quickly. Packaging must not only meet the functional needs of the consumer, but also capture their attention at the point of purchase. Take visual stock of your competitor’s packaging and consider a unique design that’s different and can help fill a gap.


Environmentally Friendly


Today’s retail shoppers are concerned about the environment and mindful of what goes into the packaging they buy (and if it’s recycled or if it can be when they’re finished using it). Look for a package that is 100% recyclable at the end of its usable life. Additionally, explore options that utilize technology to reduce the amount of raw materials used in the package, like our diamond weave technology. This is a great way to support your own sustainability initiatives.


Mauser Packaging Solutions offers a variety of packaging that’s ideal for warehouse clubs, including our EZ Stor Line of products. Our experts can work with you to create customized packaging with unique shapes, decorations and other features that will make your brand stand out.