From linear to circular - MAUSER Group to present Sustainability Report 2015/2016
14 February 2017

With its most recent sustainability report “From linear to circular – MAUSER Sustainability Report 2015/2016” MAUSER Group reports in detail on the company’s sustainability initiatives, performance and achievements over the last two years.



Since the publication of MAUSER’s first sustainability report in 2009, the company’s products and services and the reporting the company’s sustainability initiatives have always centered around the life-cycle management of industrial packaging. With the concept of a ‘Circular Economy’ gaining more and more traction, this approach has become more prominent than ever.

In line with the company’s comprehensive sustainability program and its EcoCycle® approach on sustainability-oriented full cycle services the report “From linear to circular – MAUSER Sustainability Report 2015/2016” focuses on the topics MAUSER Group sees as priority for the company and its clients in terms of more sustainable industrial packaging.

  • Efficient use of raw materials for packaging solutions not compromising on quality and transport safety.

  • Products and services that drive the use of packaging and packaging materials from linear to circular.

  • Responsible operations fully complying with regulatory requirements and fulfilling the highest environmental and work safety standards.

  • Motivated employees working under fair and respectful work conditions as a team globally.

  • An open and reliable relationship and exchange with customers and partners around the world.


In the spirit of open, comparable and transparent communication the report has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-G4). The 32 page report successfully completed the GRI Materiality Disclosure Service to be in accordance with the guidelines “Core” option. It is available as a PDF-download in English language by clicking here. Printed copies are available on request.

About MAUSER Group


MAUSER Group, founded in 1896, is a worldwide leading producer of industrial packaging with more than 5,500 employees. The company has influenced the international market through innovative packaging technologies. A subsidiary of Stone Canyon Industries, MAUSER serves a portfolio of customers in the chemical, agrochemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as the food and beverage industries. MAUSER products include plastic packaging, fiber drums, steel drums, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and reconditioning services through the National Container Group (NCG), a MAUSER holding. MAUSER provides sustainability-oriented, full-cycle services – from production to recycling (ECO-CYCLE®). With more than 100 Mauser/NCG sites and multiple joint ventures in Europe, the Americas and Asia – plus two partner networks for plastic and steel packaging – the company is a presence around the globe. For more information, visit