Everything you Need to Know about the 1-Piece Consumer Pack
28 July 2021

Consumer Packaging that Helps Brands Stand out on the Store Shelf and In Consumers’ Homes

There are many factors that play an important role in consumer purchasing decisions. Often, the very first interaction a consumer has with a physical product is through its packaging. According to Ipsos, 72% of consumers say their purchasing decision is influenced by the packaging design. Packaging conveys a brand’s quality, story, and value proposition.

Mauser Packaging Solutions’ 1-Piece consumer pack helps brands ensure their packaging meets consumers’ high expectations while keeping ease of use and convenience at the forefront. Here are five things you should know about the 1-Piece Consumer Pack.

  1. Easy Open, Easy Close – The 1-Piece Consumer Pack fits perfectly under the sink, in a cabinet, or in the laundry room and features an easy to use lift tab. Consumers can quickly open the container with one finger and access tub contents – a quick push and it snaps shut.
  2. Easy Access to Tub Contents – Convenience is key. The 1-Piece Consumer Pack features a flip-top or hinged cover. The hinged lid stays connected to the package while providing a large opening to access tub contents. No need to fumble with a separate cover when opening or closing the package.
  3. Maximum Brand Impact – Grab consumers’ attention and promote your brand’s unique marketing message on the large billboard area. Graphics can be seen from any angle on the store shelf and can be incorporated on the body AND the lid.
  4. Brand and Product Protection – A tamper-evident pull tab protects branded products and provides consumers with peace of mind that products have not been tampered with. The 1-Piece Consumer Pack is also moisture-resistant, protecting contents in transit, on the store shelf, and in consumers’ homes.
  5. Recyclable & Reusable – The 1-Piece Consumer pack is 100% recyclable post-use. A survey by McKinsey showed that consumers are not only willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, but would buy additional sustainably packaging products if more of them were available and they were better labeled.

The 1-Piece Consumer Pack is available in a 1 Gallon/3.95 Liter size and is ideal for products that will be dispensed or used over time. This includes dish detergent tablets, laundry care pods, food products, pool care and more.


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