BWAY Introduces new 5 gallon pail with integrated handles
13 March 2018

Teaser: BWAY Introduces New 5 Gallon Pail with Integrated Handles


Handle-It with BWAY!

BWAY is excited to announce the launch of a new 5 gallon, plastic open head pail with integrated handgrips, called the Handle-It Pail!

The industry standard for pails has long been a wire or plastic handle only. Integrated handles create a package with significant safety and convenience benefits for users.

The pail has been designed to:

  • Grab and Go – Built-in handgrips create a package that’s ergonomically friendly, comfortable to carry and easy to distribute contents from.
  • Minimize risk – Integrated handgrips allow two people to safely lift and carry a pail, decreasing the risk of injury. It’s a better way to lift heavy materials.
  • Reduce Freight and Handling Costs – The unique design of the pail results in 10% more pails per truckload reducing freight, handling and storage costs


Making Good Better

From chemicals to paints and coatings to food products, this high performance pail is engineered for versatility and designed for use in all industries.

Contact your sales representative for additional information.